Outdoor Adventures

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When heading on a camping trip, being well-prepared is key. Here's a list of items I always bring along:

To navigate in the dark.
Use the Taut-line hitch for securing the tarp and the Becket hitch for securing the hammock.
Sleeping Pad
Adds padding and insulation.
Sleeping Bag
For keeping warm.
A portable stove for quick cooking and water purification.
Wooden Spoon
A lightweight option for stirring meals and eating.
For keeping your cookware clean.
Multipurpose Washing Detergent
Important for cleaning up dishes and yourself.
To dry off and keep things tidy.
Toilet Paper + Hand Sanitizer
Hygiene essentials.
Digging Spoon
Useful for digging cat holes for waste disposal.
Toothbrush + Toothpaste
Maintain oral hygiene.
Charger + Cable
Stay powered up when necessary, especially for mobile map access.
Handy for hanging bags and boots off the ground.
Duct Tape
A versatile fix-all for gear.
Durable water bottle by day and safe hot water bottle by night
trail mix + granola bars
bread + rice + pasta
miso soup packets
dry-cured sausages
mac and cheese ration packs
Merino Wool
Odour resistant and moisture-wicking base layer.
Down Jacket
Essential lightweight insulation.
Goretex Jacket + Pants
Waterproof outer layers for unpredictable weather.
First Aid Kit
naproxen for pain relief
acetaminophen to treat fever
vaseline lip balm
gauze pads + badages
burn gel
ace bandage in case of an ankle sprain
tweezers for tick removal
saline solution for wound cleaning
isopropyl alcohol pads for disinfection
hemostatic gauze for wound packing